Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Seeking Some Opinions From My Readers

From the very beginning, this blog has focused on my 1/1200 Napoleonic sailing ships.  Clearly, given the blog title, that's not much of a surprise.  Now though, I'm thinking about starting to look at some of the other periods I game in.  These other periods don't bear any relation to my sailing ships, although one of them can have a naval component.

The blog subtitle does say "and other game things that attract my attention."  My question here then, is: Should I just put new pages entitled "Other Gaming Items: XXX" on this blog, or should I start another blog that focuses on these other periods, and link to it/them from here?

There are two sides to this idea:
YES:  It is my hobby blog, and I have other periods of miniatures that I play, so why not?

:  The blog focuses on 1/1200 scale sailing ships, and that is clear from the title, URL and general subject matter.  Why muddy it by including other things that don't relate to its main focus?

I can kind of see both sides of the argument here, and so am seeking some input from the readers.  Would you like to see other genres start to make an appearance here, or would the blog be better if it stayed focused on sailing ships, with other periods on their own site(s) that are linked to each other?  I've added a poll to the side of the page so you don't even have to leave a comment.