Thursday, August 30, 2018

Another quick explanation

Well, since I haven't made a post in August, I thought I would take just a moment and reassure people that I have not abandoned this blog.

Many of the usual summertime explanations/excuses apply to this month as well. Vacations, travel, and all those sorts of things.  Not all of them are non-gaming related, though.  I've been working on a project that is somewhat related to the blog and has taken up a good bit of time over the last month or so.  When that is finished, I'll talk more about it on here.  There will still be a review of the Gomi Designs PBR, but that sort of got pushed to the back of the line by some of the projects below. 

I've moved back to building my sailing ships, as the photo below shows:

From left to right in the photo are HMS Caesar (80), a British Common class 74, a Russian 46 gun frigate and a Russian 50 gun frigate.  Yes, progress is being made on the Russian unicorns!  Even though the Russian 50 has (most) of her masts in, she still won't be finished first.  That honor will go to Caesar.  I bought her for a specific scenario I'm running at a convention in October, so naturally she goes to the front of the line.  She's also what got the 1/1200 scale shipbuilding started up again.

So, there we have it.  I'm not dead, and neither is the blog.  Expect to see more in the upcoming months.