Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Quick Explanation

There were not a lot of posts in May, and I want to take a moment and explain to my visitors here why that is so.

May is traditionally the month when my wife and I go and do volunteer work out of state.  Generally, when the work is done we take a little vacation as well.  On top of that, I've been trying to get more exercise like my doctor requested (well, ordered actually).  So, this May we've been busier than normal.

There are a lot of pictures to be taken over the next month.  I've just put up a new page on another area of gaming interests, and I still haven't shown you my unrated sailing ships (brigs, sloops, schooners and etc.) yet.  Hopefully, we should be back on a regular schedule soon.

As an aside, one of the things that normally happens on our vacation is that my long-suffering spouse gets dragged to a museum that I want to visit.  They're not always serious; for example, this year I wanted to go to the SPAM Museum.  We didn't have time to do that, but it turned out that we got to do something just as much fun:

We're gonna make it after all....
Yes, it's the Mary Tyler Moore statue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  If you're too young to know who she is, then you will just have to Google it