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It isn't a blog without some pictures of games in progress!  So, see below for pictures and game reports.

Battle of San Domingo, 1806

This game was run at a friend's house, using the Kiss Me, Hardy rules.  Although a British victory in real life, in this game the French managed to pull out a victory!  The scenario is a French squadron trying to escape from the two British squadrons pursuing them.  Due to the long chase, the British are strung out and come on the board somewhat piecemeal.  Since Admiral Duckworth has abandoned his blockade station to chase the French, he has to be aggressive and attack quickly in the scenario.  After all, letting the French get away would probably spell doom to his career.  The French, however, just want to try and get away and continue their mission in the West Indies.  A good summary of the historic battle is at Wikipedia: Link .  An order of battle is also at Wikipedia: OOB link .  In this refight, Duckworth got himself killed, so at least he didn't have to worry about his career being in ruins.  His flagship took so much damage that it actually struck its colors to the French!  Luckily(?) for them, the French were so busy taking the opportunity to escape that they didn't bother to stick around long enough to put a prize crew aboard the British flagship.

Beginning of the game, with the lead British squadron on the left of the picture.

The center of the French line.

A closeup of the French flagship.

First volley of the game.

The British respond

The firing becomes general.

The British break the line!  Unfortunately,
that ship with the mast down beside it is the
British flagship.

Once the British broke the French line, the French players  took advantage of the fact that the second British squadron was just coming into the fight, and escaped off the board before it could have any serious effect on the battle.  This was an unexpected outcome, since the previous times I have run this scenario, the British usually win pretty easily.

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