Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to my blog, which will deal with my hobby of 1/1200 scale sailing ships.  We're still fitting out right now, so there's not much here.  Eventually, there will be pictures of my fleets, suggestions for game rules and campaigns, and maybe some of the other eras that I game in.

So, what's interesting about sailing ships, you might ask?  While there are all the usual answers (romance, history, love of the sea, adventure, etc.) the only answer I can give is that I've always been interested in them.  Some of the first books I can remember my father reading were the Horatio Hornblower novels, so naturally I went on to do the same.  Apparently it is a fever that, like malaria, never goes away once it's in your blood.

From a gaming standpoint, a bunch of fully-rigged 1/1200 scale models maneuvering on a table is one of the most beautiful sights available in our hobby.  An added advantage is that, since engagement ranges are so short, the ground scale for the rules can match the size of the ships.  It's like watching a moving version of an historical painting from the period.

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